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1. Most manga are Japanese Raw Manga and a few ones are Artbook, main links are Filesonic download, usually each zip file has 2 or 3 volumes and its filesize is over 100MB, you can download more volumes of manga.
2.If you want to view manga in archive without unzipping directly, you can use MangaMeeya to read any manga! but MangaMeeya can’t load archive with password and 7zip or other archive format.
3. Manga viewer software MangaMeeya and MangaMeeyaCE in  How to view Manga

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4.Important: If this site is attacked, your PC is redirected to any strange pages automatically, please DON’T click any links, then close page and come back to site OK.  I restore the site files soon.

5.Notice: Some visitors asked about the password of which manga, please ask me by comment and let me check it, if I have added password in info of which manga you are uncertain, you can search password in my site.

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6. If you have cellphone or ipad or other, you can visit wap http://godelixir.com/wap and please remember this link. Of course you also can browser simpler style of site faster in any of your old pc, please click this link as well!

7. Notice: Now all Hotfile links are unavailable by their file-server, you can use other links from alternative file-server or I will reuploaded new links instead of Hotfile over all manga.

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8. This site’s server has been upgraded, if you have some trouble with visiting my site, please try to flush your DNS like DOS → ipconfig /flushdns.

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9. If Some friends have asked for how to unzip/decompress the corrupt archive files, you can go to read FAQ About Decompress.


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