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I’m sure many of you have heard the bill SOPA(stop online privacy act) that made its way to congress
the bill(if passed) will give copyright holders the power to block websites etc etc (yeah we’re probably one of targets)
while protecting copyright from infringement is a good thing, but this bill gives them too much control
threaten online businesses, and obviously it’s a violation to our freedom (search engines result censored, deny access to some websites etc etc)
imagine small thing like a member posting a link and cause the whole site being blocked
if you wanna read more details about this act check out these sites

As of today, Wednesday Jan. 18th
thousands of websites go dark to protest against SOPA&PIPA(protect ip act)
so here i visited some of the contribute sites, and took some screenshots







and of course there are tons of others
there are also others who oppose but didn’t join the blackout like Yahoo, Facebook, AOL, Ebay, Amazon etc etc
what? how about us? this post says it

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